Exercise is my new found medicine, which literally saved my life!

A dear friend of mine from our good old days. Hopefully soon it can be our good current days.

Mr F - Anxiety and Depression

I haven’t been as motivated to blog recently. Think I took a bit of a kick in the teeth after my last post. Don’t ask me why because the stats actually say it was my most popular to date! I am over sensitive… That’s my problem. I take things to heart. I don’t take criticism or compliments well. So as a reader, you have no chance of pleasing me!!!! Ha ha!

Anyway, back to today. Exercise? My new found medicine? Ok let’s do it…

Well it’s as simple as the headline says = ‘Exercise is my new found medicine’.

I have just got back from a session with my personal trainer and the endorphins are flowing through my body. You cannot better that feeling when you are fighting against a mental illness. Probably why I am able to sit here and write this post…

Today we walked 5.5 km with…

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Criticism and how it has effected my life.

Mr F - Anxiety and Depression

If you haven’t worked it out already, or are new round here – I am very blunt and to the point with my blogging. I am the same in everyday life. Personally, I  think if you want to get your point across, there needs to be an element of rawness so that the audience can understand exactly how certain things made you feel. Kind of like giving evidence in a court case; you can’t claim someone did something, without providing evidence. Otherwise it’s just a case of you making things up. What I say is real. For me to portray the life I have lived throughout my childhood and later years, I try not to mince my words and emotions.

I bottled up my feelings and emotions for well over 20 years. Now, after various therapy techniques (and several types of medication settling into my system), I have finally managed…

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“Friendships”, when you are suffering the pain of a mental illness.

I was one of those friends that wasn’t there, and I’m so sorry.

Mr F - Anxiety and Depression

I was reading through some of the great accounts I follow on social media yesterday, and this subject popped up which i feel is very close to my heart. It’s a subject that, to this day, still touches a raw nerve. It’s something I feel very passionate about, because I experienced first hand exactly how you should never treat a friend who is suffering from a mental illness.

When I first started feeling the effects of my mental illness I isolated myself from all my friends and family. There’s no sugar coating any of this subject – I completely withdrew myself from any kind of social circle, that i had in my life.

This wasn’t because I wanted to do this, or because I was “boring” (a word i know my friends would use to describe me, because i wouldn’t come out anymore). It was because I really wasn’t very well…

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